Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Winis Breathable Lightweight Sweat Absorbent Quick Drying Athlete Socks Warm and toasty and keep toesy dry .
These socks keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer because of bamboo’s thermal regulating properties. They help reduce foot odor because they are almost 4 times more absorbent than cotton socks.


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Friday, November 2, 2018

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Small Broom and Dust pan Set,Handy Brush Snap on Dustpan with Rubber Grip Campaign

Compact and eminently functional, this mini dustpan and brush set if perfect for quick cleanups. The brush's gel handle and flexible bristles help you guide debris on the dustpan which features a soft lip for increased surface contact.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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Creeppppyyyy !

Great prop for your haunted scene!Light up Giant Hairy Spider Decoration, This Spider is sure to scare up a few screams! Cloth spider with adjustable long legs and eyes, they eyes are small but as it got dark you could see them better. That's the only thing I would change is make the eyes bigger. This black fuzzy spider has huge legs that span 43 inches! This creepy crawler is complete with beady red eyes that adorn the head. 
Spiders, anyone?
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Pink Queen Women's Crop Top Sweatshirt Color Block Pullover Hoodies Promotion

love the way they fit a little baggy in the sleeve but exactly how I like it.Effortlessly cool and unexpected, This is a collection of essentials for your every day (and beyond). This piece is designed to mix and match, from the perfect dress to versatile denim to a classic tee. All made to feel like you've worn—and loved—them for years.

Nice quality, true to size. Love this sweater! Definitely recommend!!

C121744 8pcs Multicolor Strong Magnet Winder Wrap Magnetic Cable Clips Campaign
The soft and pliable material works as an adhesive and the magnets grips the surface.  This allows it to wrap them around small or large cord bundles, and the mini magnets will hold tight.  The perfect reusable zip or twist tie solution for any cable management problem!

C103203 Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Campaign

They run for 5-6 hours and fill my small apartment with lovely scent (my favorite is lemongrass essential oil). I have one in the bathroom and one in the living room, which is perfect for me. A feature on the lights I use is that you can click the button to have just one color, rather than having it cycle through an array of colors. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.

C122303 2 Pairs Gel Heel Pads (Large) Campaign
Relieve my foot pain the  soft thick gel cushions are efficient to relieve Forefoot Pain, Metatarsalgia and provided good support to ball of foot while wearing uncomfortable or breaking new shoes!The soft ridge prevents the slipping of your feet, the self-sticking back keeps the pads staying firmly in your shoes.

C117822 Compact Portable Espresso Maker Campaign
With little effort, our portable espresso machines help you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to that of traditional machine. Don’t give up your daily pleasure far from home, enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime.
C122529 Small Broom and Dust pan Set,Handy Brush Snap on Dustpan with Rubber Grip Campaign

Small messes are no big deal with this handy cleaning combo. The brush conveniently snaps into the dustpan for storage to keep dirty bristles covered.Awesome.
  • Flat bottom allows it to stand up, 

Giant Spider Decor Scary Furry 43inch Creepy Spider Campaign
give them a good fright with his glowing eyes. Now you can invite him into your home when you pick up this Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration.
Soft black fur covers his large foam body, and he has eight bendable legs! Batteries are included, but we recommend purchasing extras so your great big hairy spider can stay spooky for the entire season. Come on, what even is a giant spider if he doesn’t have piercing red eyes? Definitely not scary, that’s for sure!

Friday, October 19, 2018

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Ginger Essential Oil

The essential oil is the best way to use ginger as medicine. It can be taken internally to treat health conditions or rubbed topically with a carrier oil on an area of pain. Today, ginger essential oil is used to treat nausea, upset stomach, menstrual disorders, inflammation and respiratory conditions.

Smells great you can tell that the quality of this oil is high. I use it in a diffuser and compared to other oils brands.

Important information
Legal Disclaimer :
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
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